Yomatech Nigeria Ltd.
Qualified Manpower Supply, E & I Construction, Instrument Workshop
Electrical and instrumentation construction, revamping and maintenance. Maintenance, calibration, repairs, routine, preventive and corrective maintenance. Qualified manpower supply (Nigerian and expartriate). Spare parts and equipment supply.
Qualified Manpower supply
Yomatech has provided a professional support service to multi-sector industries since 1995. Supplying Qualify Manpower for Drilling, Production Facilities and Office Staff. Our service and selection procedures are of the highest standard. Our many years of experience recruiting for local, national and international clients enables us to minimize time commitment and reduce costs involved in the recruitment process. Fully conversant with all requirements for efficient mobilization, we arrange all formalities such as interviews, medicals, logistics supports.
E & I Construction
Yomatech provides professional skilled workforce and services in the area of construction from design to commissioning. Our services include construction, major repairs, Overhauls and regular associated services for production and non-production facilities. It covers all aspects of Electrical and Instrumentation part of the facilities but not limited to the following. E & I ConstructionInstallation, Commissioning, Start up of Electrical and Instrumentation system. Systems revamping and re-commissioning (For systems on breakdown). Scheduled or planned maintenance. Unscheduled or breakdown maintenance. Turn-around maintenance (During station upgrade) On-site Pressure Testing of Valves and Production Vessels.
Instrument workshop
Yomatech Engineers and Technicians conducts maintenance activities on Electrical and Instrumentation facilities on offshore platforms and isolated land locations. All staffs are fully trained to maintain clients' machinery to minimize safety risks and to maximize operational efficiency and plant productivity. An experience, high-quality workforce is available for the following activities: Instrument workshop Repair, calibration and certification of Electronics, Electro-Pneumatic and Pneumatic Instruments. Pressure testing of High Pressure Control Valves such as Willis, Fisher, Masoneilan. Pressure Testing, Inspection and re-certification of Pressure Safety Valves (PSV), and Surface Safety Valves/Actuators (SSV) such as Cameron, UILM, AVA.