Yomatech Certified By Total on HSE

August 13 , 2007

After the last HSE MS Audit by Total May 9th 2007, the report and recommendations were made known to us, and we took it as a challenge and went to the drawing board.

A lot of sweeping reforms were not just made, but practically implemented to the latter; it has been painstaking and has required a lot of commitment from management in terms of resources and policy direction, which involved both practical and mental Man-hours spent up.

However we can beat our chest today and claim a satisfactorily excellent position, despite the downturn of Business in the Oil and Gas industry, we have stayed afloat and lived up to the billing as a corporate socially responsible Organization.

We are indeed grateful to EPNL and all our staff that have contributed in their various ways to get us to where we are today. With sustained focus and hard work we intend to achieve the status of a renowned indigenous player in the service sector of Nigeria's Oil and Gas sector.