Community affairs, Health, Safety and Environment.

As a service provider, to the entire Oil and Gas Industries in the areas of E/I Construction, maintenance and Drilling, YOMATECH policy is to contribute towards the Community, safety, health, and security of its client, Yomatech's staff and subcontractor's employees with due regard to the environment.

In view of this, the following points are considered to be fundamental:

  • The safety and health of the employee is of paramount importance.
  • Safety will take precedence over expediency.
  • All Managers, supervisors and technicians will be involved in the implementation of safety, health and environment protecting procedures.
  • Where necessary, skills, motivation and attitudes of the individual employees will be improved through training.
  • Safety, Health and Environment legislation will be complied with within the spirit as well as the letter of law.
  • Client's requirements with regard to Community, Safety, Health and Environment will be complied with.
  • All Managers, supervisors and technicians are sensitive to the needs and concerns of the client's host communities. (To treat each community as you would your own)

The entire Yomatech Team is committed to plan and perform their duties in accordance with this Policy.

We improve occupational health awareness and enhance Security awareness in our operations.